• Gracielaa le 15/11/2012

    Will you be posting your art work too? I went to the site but it looks like they don't have any of the peices on the site. I'd love to see what you did! :))

  • Kingsley le 15/11/2012

    "they're comnig" could mean, they're comnig to delete me, because something changed and it erased septembers existence. or he could have just died i suppose, i'm surprised no one is bashing on the fact that the observers basically killed a baby. RIP Henry! that would be a mind f**k for Peter eh? I'm a dad! wait. i dug the episode. going into the observers mind was awesome, no matter how short/vague it was. i'm torn on whether our timeline exists, but hope it does. i sorta thought this was our olivia when peter did, but now i'm as confused as he is. we need a season 5! and some more Sam Weiss

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